GLORIA LYNN PRYOR RAY is the mother of four sons, (her first born passed February 2018), the grandmother of six and great-grandmother of two, (one born just recently). She is the Surviving Spouse of former POW, Purple Heart Recipient, highly decorated career Korean Conflict Veteran, Army Sergeant Major, E-9, Howard T. Ray, Sr., who passed July 4, 2018. They were married more than 23 years. Sgt. and Mrs. Ray were active in the community, as individuals, prior to their becoming a couple. After marriage, their activism was intensified. They became known, among their peers, as the “Dynamic Duo.” Gloria and Howard, cared very much about the future of this community. Since his passing, she has been inspired to devote her time and energy to the enhancement of that effort, as a representative of the PEOPLE of District 2, on the Board of the Alamo Community College District. Her drive and determination are evidenced by her rise, from a young Clerk Typist at Kelly Air Force Base to a Senior Management Official, before retirement. She has broken “Glass Ceilings,” contributed to the diversity of policy-making bodies, and lent her expertise to the betterment of others, over her lifetime. After a lifetime of service to San Antonio/Bexar County/Texas as a Volunteer, she now seeks your support and your vote, as she strives to represent you, her constituents, AND all those impacted by the direction of the Alamo Community College District, now and in the future.


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