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Testimonials - Campaign 2022

What her Colleagues write about her!

"A  Seat at the Table" |
Episode #20


"Join us for another episode of A Seat @ The Table with Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores, featuring special guests Alamo Colleges District Board Chair Dr. Gene Sprague and Executive Vice President of The San Antonio Chapter of Associated General Contractors, Doug McMurry. Chancellor Flores and his guests will be discussing economic and workforce development. We’ll share how our efforts cultivate a well-trained, talented workforce that is productive from the start."

Hon. Yvonne Katz


"The Hon. Gloria Ray, Trustee for the Alamo Colleges District, demonstrates on a daily basis why voters elected her to this important position in our county. She is involved in a myriad of activities sponsored by the Alamo Colleges District and its 5 comprehensive colleges: San Antonio College, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, Northeast Lakeview College, and Northwest Vista College. Ray vigorously supports all the students, programs, and activities in the eight counties the Alamo Colleges District represents. Her research and detail in Chairing her Board Committee, the Workforce Development Committee, has allowed her to inform fellow Board Members regarding the needs for action to move the District forward. Please vote for Gloria Ray for Trustee in Alamo Colleges District #2! She is a true asset to our Board of Trustees!"
- Hon. Yvonne Katz, Ed.D. Superintendent (ret.) Vice Chair Alamo Colleges Board.

Hon. Clint Kingsbery


"I have worked with Ms. Ray and seen her dedication to our students at all of the Alamo Colleges. She is an excellent advocate for District 2 and has worked tirelessly to build a strong community connection. She understands the importance of higher education, listening to the voice of the people, and ensuring that our tax dollars are utilized in the most effective and efficient manner. Gloria Ray will continue to build bridges of communication in the community, support our military and veteran students, and provide a critical voice on the board of trustees. I am happy to endorse Ms. Gloria Ray to continue to serve on the Board of Trustees for District 2. Please vote for Ms. Gloria Ray for Trustee in Alamo Colleges District #2. She carries the voice of her constituents."
- Hon. Clint Kingsbery, Secretary Alamo Colleges Board

Mayor Ron Nirenburg


Trustee Ray attending the “All Roads Lead South” 40th Anniversary at Brooks City Base with one of her staunch supporters, Mayor Ron Nirenberg . The City of San Antonio has launched “SA Ready to Work” which collaborates with Alamo Colleges Workforce Development Program, Chaired by Gloria Ray.
!!Viva San Antonio!! 

Student Talia Christian


"The Hon. Gloria Ray, Trustee for the Alamo Colleges District is by far the best candidate for this upcoming election. She has done an amazing job leading the workforce development committee and improving our programs here at ACD. Ms. Ray not only has excelled in chairing this committee but is a true advocate and supporter of our students. She never fails to show up for her community at all five colleges within Alamo Colleges District. To me, that is one of the most important aspects of being a board member. Her familiarity with the district and community allows her to perform her duty with grace and accuracy. She has done an amazing job representing district 2 and is certainly a vital person on the Board of Trustees. I am happy to endorse Hon. Gloria Ray as a vote for her is one that will ensure your voice will be heard and met with action. Please vote for Ms. Gloria Ray for Trustee in Alamo Colleges District #2! She is one with the people!"
- Talia Christian Student Trustee Alternate, Alamo Colleges Board

Hon. Lorraine Pulido


Gloria Ray is honored to have full endorsement of fellow Alamo Colleges Trustee for District 4, Dr. Lorraine Pulido. Successful deliberations for Student and Academic Success makes for one of the highest functioning Community College Boards of Trustees in the Nation, according to the “National Association of Community Colleges Trustees” -2022 (ACCT).
Yes, ma’am! You are a servant leader with a heart of gold. Your contributions to The Alamo Colleges District make a difference. Student success is your dedicated focus, and it is an honor to serve with you."
- Lorena Lorraine Pulido

Hon. Les Sachanowicz


Gloria Ray is honored to be endorsed by fellow The Alamo Colleges District Board Member for District 9, Les Sachanowicz.

Hon. Steve Sayler


“The ACCD District 2 needs an ethical and moral trustee. It needs a trustee who will always speak the truth to their fellow board members, the faculty, students and tax payers. It needs a trustee who will vote for the best interests of the students and the faculty of the ACCD, and not for their own self-serving interests. As a former Board President of Judson ISD, I must tell you, Judson ISD and ACCD District 2 are ethnically diversified districts. Trustees on these Boards should represent the populations they represent. There are nine trustees on the ACCD board. Not one is an African American. Ms. Ray has run organizations. She has volunteered her time to the community. She is the best candidate for the position of ACCD District 2 Trustee. I highly recommend her for Trustee District 2 ACCD.” 
- Steven Sayler
Former President, Judson ISD School Board


The Honorable Marisa Perez-Dias, Texas Board of Education, District 3 was passionately instrumental in gaining the approval for African American Studies to be taught at all Texas high schools. HONORED to have her unequivocal endorsement!


Honored to be endorsed by a Judson ISD Trustee, my home School District of over 50 years. Judson is the exemplary District that educated all my children.

Testimonials - Campaign 2022

What residents of the Community say about GLORIA RAY for ACD, D-2

"Gloria IS the best person for the job!"

 "Yes, great candidate!"

Deborah Crawford

"You got my vote!"

Minu I Martinez

"Please like and support my friend Gloria Ray for ACCD, District 2!!! She is more than qualified, heart for the community and the people! #BGMagic #CommunityUplift #Vote"

Neka Cleaver

"You have my vote!"

Doris Lowe

"With her experience, sense of fairness and equality, and love for our community, Mrs Ray is ready for this position."

Yvonne Smith

"The ACCD squandered the opportunity to appoint Gloria Ray to replace Board member Denver McClendon during a board meeting shortly after his retirement. I encourage each of you to cast a vote for Gloria Ray to ensure true racial diversity is on the ACCD board."

Oliver W. Hill, President Emeritus, San Antonio Branch, NAACP 

"Gloria definitely has my vote!"

Patricia Mitchell Paige

"Ms. Gloria Ray is a phenomenal, fantastic woman, who has the experience, the knowledge, the passion and the desire to insure that our kids are educated properly."

Laura Thompson, Founder & CEO, TAAN-TV

"God is Blessing my Alma Mater “ACCD” (Alamo Community College District) with An amazing, hardworking, and Phenomenal Woman “Gloria Ray”. VOTE on May 7, 2022 for Gloria Ray!!!"

Inez Stringer

"Proven Leadership. Quality workmanship. Totally committed."

Rev. James Amerson

"Vote for Gloria Ray"

Mf Allston

"My friends in District 2, Gloria Ray is your Candidate. GET OUT and VOTE!!!"

Maricela Espinoza-Garcia

"MY ENDORSEMENT:  Mrs. Gloria Ray for ACCD District 2 Trustee. A Powerful Woman with Outstanding Professional Leadership Qualities. As a Veterans Advocate, I am asking all of our Veterans, men and women, who live in District 2, to vote for Mrs. Gloria Ray.

Delia A. Guajardo

★Monica F. Allston
★Roz Anderson
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